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What Is Accidentdoctors911.com?

Accidentdoctors911.com is a resource for patients who have been involved in accidents. It is not a medical practice. Instead, our mission is to connect patients with the best accident doctors around. The doctors on our platform have demonstrated a strong history of successfully treating patients who have been involved in accidents.

Each participating doctor has completed an informational profile. These profiles contain information about the doctor’s training, experience as well as other information that may be important to you. Some doctors have prepared a brief video, for a more personal look into their practices and qualifications.

Our site is also a resource for information about typical accident related conditions and treatments. The content on our site has been screened and approved by medical experts for accuracy and clarity. Naturally, while a website is no substitute for a consultation with your doctor, the information provided here will help you have a better understanding of your condition and treatment. It will also help you have a more meaningful discussion with your doctor about your care and treatment.

How Does Accidentdoctors911.com work?

Our site enables a patient to search for a doctor using a series of search filters. You can search for a doctor by specialty, insurance, location or other criteria. Our system is designed to help patients find the best accident doctor for their needs.

Once your search requirements have been selected, review your search results and select the doctor that is right for you. When you are ready, just call the doctor’s office directly using the telephone number listed in the doctor’s profile. You can also request an appointment from the doctor by using the “Schedule An Appointment” form located in the doctor’s profile.

Participating doctors will make their best effort to schedule you for a quick appointment, so you can start feeling better as soon as possible.

Are There Any Costs In Using Accidentdoctors911.com?

There is no cost to patients looking for great accident doctors using accidentdoctors911.com. Just search and select to find your accident doctor.

Why Do You Need An “Accident Doctor”?

There are many doctors out there, but not all have a history of treating patients who have been involved in accidents, like the participating accident doctors profiled on accidentdoctors911.com. In fact, our participating doctors must represent that a majority of their time is devoted to treating trauma and accident related medical conditions to even qualify to be listed on our platform.

Additionally, many doctors refuse to handle No-Fault or Workers’ Compensation insurance claims for any number of reasons, including the burdensome paperwork and procedures necessary to process these types of insurance claims.

Our participating doctors are familiar with processing No-Fault, Workers’ Compensation and other accident related insurance claims and as a result can better serve you.

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