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Learn More About Common Areas of Medicine To Help You Decide

A patient looking for the best accident doctor after getting hurt usually has many questions. Perhaps one of the most common is, “What type of doctor is best for my condition?” To be sure, the field of medicine is complicated and divided into many different specialties.

Although these specialties do usually work together, it is important to understand the conditions that they each treat along with the types of treatment you can expect. Click below to learn more about some common fields of medicine and the types of conditions that they treat.

Our participating doctors are trained to handle a wide variety of accident-related conditions. Many of our participating doctors practice in groups, or multi-specialty practices, that include doctors with different specialties at the same location.

Common Medical Specialities

Browse the medical specialties & doctors listed in NY, USA. Learn these medical specialties & find the best doctor for your medical condition.


Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that uses traditional techniques to activate the body’s own pain management system.


Chiropractic medicine involves hands-on techniques to help alleviate the pains associated with neck and back pain.


Neurologists manage conditions involving the brain and peripheral nervous system, including weakness, numbness, and tingling.


Neurosurgeons perform surgical procedures on the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.


Orthopedists manage conditions involving bones and joints, including fractures.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Pain Management doctors specialize in helping patients manage pain using a variety of different treatments.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists serve an important role in the rehabilitation process.


Podiatrists focus on the management of conditions involving the feet and ankles.


Psychiatrists can help with the mental trauma often associated with accidents.

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