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9 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

What injuries people suffer in car accident

Injuries caused by trauma can be complicated. The treatment of traumatic injuries can require therapy, diagnostic testing, and sometimes surgery. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you probably will have questions about your injury as well as the types of treatment that might be right for you.

To help you with some of these questions, we have listed parts of the body that are commonly injured by road accident trauma. Our participating accident doctors treat injuries to these parts of the body every day.

Click on any of the links below to be directed to pages of information explaining specific injuries and conditions that can affect the selected body part. Our information has been reviewed and approved by medical experts for clarity and accuracy.

The list below is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice from your doctor. Instead, this information is intended to provide you with some basic, but important, knowledge about your condition designed to help you have a more informed interaction with your doctor.

Physical Injuries caused by a Car Accident

Accident Head injury pictures


Head Injury

Head Injuries Are Common After An Accident And Some Are More Severe Than Others. Read More About Head Injuries.

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Accident neck injury pic

Neck Pain

Neck Injury

Accidents Can Cause a Variety of Different Problems With Your Neck, Including Herniated and Bulging Discs. Read More To Learn About These Conditions.

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Accident back pain pic

Back Pain

Back Injury

Low Back Pain Can Make Even Sitting Down Difficult. Read More To Find Out What You Can Do To Start Feeling Better.

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Shoulder pain after an accident


Shoulder Injury

The Shoulder is a Complex Joint That Can Be Damaged In An Accident. Read More About Some Common Shoulder Injuries.

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Knee injury in a car accident


Knee Injury

If you hurt your knee in a car accident, you know how painful this can be. Read More to learn about common knee injuries and how to start feeling better.

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Injured hip in an accident


Hip Injuries

A Blunt Trauma To the Hip Can Cause a Painful Hip Injury. This Type of personal injury can cause difficulty with walking, and may sometimes require surgery.

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Wrist/hand injured in accident


Arm Injuries

Injuries To the Wrist, Like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Can Make Your Hands and Fingers Feel Numb and Weak. Read More to Learn About This Common car accident injury.

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ankle fracture in accident


Ankle Injuries

The Ankle Is a Powerful Joint that Allows Us Stand, Walk and Run. When Injured Severely in a car crash, However, Surgery May Be Necessary to Stabilize the Joint.

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Mental health after an accident

Mental Health

Mental Health

Feelings of Sadness and Despair Can Overwhelm Some Patients After a car Accident. These Conditions Can Be Treated.

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