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Pain Management

Having Accident Related Pain? Pain Management Doctors Can Help.


Hurt Your Head In An Accident? Learn How a Neurologist Can Help You.


Fractured a Bone or Damaged a Joint? An Orthopedist Can Help.

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We are proud to list the best accident doctors in New York. Check the locations we cover in NYC

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Looking for the Top accident doctors in New Jersey? We got you the list of best personal injury doctors in New Jersey.


There are many different types of doctors who treat injuries from falls, and other trauma causing incidents. You may have fractured your ankle and need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon, or you could have a herniated disc and need to see a Neurologist. Regardless of the type of doctor, you need to see, however, the training of each all began in much the same way.

Kind Of Training Required of Accident Doctors

The medical training of doctors is extensive. Doctors must first graduate from an accredited medical school as the initial step to practicing medicine in the United States. After four years of medical school, graduates usually perform a 5-year residency program. A residency is a training program for medical school graduates, usually in a hospital setting. This training allows the doctor to learn, and focus on, a specific area of medicine. For example, your doctor may have completed a residency in Orthopedics or Neurology. During residency, a senior doctor usually called an attending doctor, supervises the resident to ensure that patients are safely and effectively managed.

Some residents are offered the opportunity to do a Fellowship, after the residency program. A Fellowship is usually a one-year program focused on a very specific area of medicine. For example, a physician could do a Fellowship in Neurosurgery, after residency. This additional training allows the physician to study and learn more about a very specific area of medicine.

What Is Board Certification For Doctors?

Your doctor may also be Board Certified in a specific area of medicine. Not every doctor is Board Certified. Board certification demonstrates a doctor’s additional and continued training and study in a specialized field of medicine. Most fields of medicine do have Board Certification available. For example, a Pain Management doctor can become Board Certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine. Continued medical education and testing are required to maintain Board Certification status.

Auto Accident falls and other accidents can cause a wide variety of traumatic injuries. These can be injuries that require diagnostic testing, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and sometimes even surgery. For any kind of vehicle accident injury, it’s highly suggested to see an experienced car accident doctor to avoid major health issues in the future. Some of the more common accident-related injuries are listed below.

Herniated Discs

Herniated and Bulging Discs Are Common After An Accident. Learn More About these Conditions.

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Torn Meniscus

A Torn Meniscus Can Be Painful And Disabling. Let Us Explain This Common Traumatic Knee Injury.

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Rotator Cuff Tear

The Shoulder Is a Complex Joint That Can Be Damaged In An Accident. Let Us Explain More About Shoulder Injuries.

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Ankle Fracture

An Ankle Fracture Can Be Disabling. Learn More About Ankle Fractures And Common Treatment Plans.

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Brain Injury

The Brain Is The Body’s Control Center. A Traumatic Injury To The Brain Can Cause Severe Consequences. Let Us Explain.

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Other Injuries

Learn More About Other Types Of Injuries Along With Some Basic Information That Can Help You Start Feeling Better.

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Common Diagnostic Testing After an Accident

Accident doctors have many diagnostic tools available to help diagnose your condition. For example, your doctor may order Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or an MRI of your knee, head, or shoulder to try and diagnose your condition. You may have been recommended to have electrodiagnostic studies for the numbness in your hands, arms, or legs. Your neurosurgeon may have recommended a Discogram to determine whether you would benefit from spinal surgery. Ultimately, these tests are very important for doctors in the management of medical conditions, so here is a brief explanation of some of the more common types of diagnostic testing.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Is An Important Diagnostic Tool That Can Help Diagnose Your Condition. Learn More About MRI.

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Your Doctor May Have Ordered An EMG/NCV Study To Test Your Nerves and Muscles. Learn More About These Important Tests.

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A Discogram Is An Important Test That May Be Necessary Before Spinal Surgery. Learn How This Test Is Done, and Why It Is So Important.

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