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What Is A Workplace Accident?

Workplace accidents are incidents that occur while an employee is carrying out any task related to his or her employment. Workplace accidents can occur in any profession but are more common in professions that require manual labor, including those involving heavy machinery, handling hazardous materials, or construction work.

Common Types of Work Accidents?

The majority of common work accidents can be separated into two basic categories: traumatic injuries and repetitive use injuries. Traumatic injuries include those events that are sudden and unexpected. For example, a construction worker who fractures his wrist in a work related fall; or a driver who has a car accident and suffers a herniated disc while working. These sudden and unexpected traumatic events can give rise to a workers compensation claim.

However, repetitive type injuries can also support a workers compensation claim. For example, a worker who suffers with carpal tunnel syndrome because of years of repetitive use of the hands and wrists may also have a viable workers compensation claim. This type of injury is common with workers who use grasping tools, drivers, computers as well as other professions that require repetitive motions of the hands and fingers.

What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is a comprehensive form of insurance that will pay an employee’s medical bills and lost earnings that result from an “on the job” injury. This type of insurance is provided by an employee’s employer and covers a variety of different types of situations. For example, workers compensation insurance can cover:

  • Injuries related to trips and falls while working;
  • Equipment or machinery related injuries;
  • Overexertion injuries;
  • Sprains, strains, and repetitive strain injuries caused by work activity;
  • Exposure to mold;
  • Lung injuries caused by exposure to asbestos and other toxic substances;
  • as well as other work related injuries.

You should immediately report any job related accident to your supervisor. You will be asked to fill out a report concerning your accident and the injuries you sustained. There are several forms that are necessary to properly file your claim and you may be best served by consulting with legal counsel for assistance.

While workers compensation insurance will usually pay the bills for any accident related injuries, not all doctors accept workers compensation insurance. So in addition to checking the qualifications of your doctor, you should also determine whether your doctor accepts workers compensation insurance.

You can easily find an accident doctor who accepts workers compensation insurance on accidentdoctors911.com by using the insurance search filter on the right side of this page. Simply click this search filter for insurance and search for doctors who accept workers compensation coverage.

Ways to Avoid Workplace Accidents

Avoiding workplace accidents should be an employer’s top priority. The following are some basic measures that can be taken to reduce and avoid workplace accidents:

  • Proper safety training programs and regular safety briefings should be conducted with employees;
  • The workplace should be well lit and properly visible so that employees can avoid tripping hazards;
  • Proper signs should be made to identify hazardous areas at the workplace and potential risks like chemical spills, slippery surfaces, or obstacles;
  • Cleanup equipment should be readily available at the workplace to immediately clear liquid spills to prevent employees from slipping;
  • Proper ventilation should be ensured at the workplace to prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes. The employees should be provided with safety goggles and proper attire to prevent direct contact with harmful chemicals; and
  • Routine checks should be made for safety hazards, like spills or obstacles. Use of slip resistant shoes at the workplace can also prevent injuries due to falls.

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