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Dr. Patel

Dr Vipul Patel


Insurance Accepted: No-Fault Workers Compensation Private Insurance 

Location(s): Bronx Brooklyn Staten Island Bergen Hudson Middlesex Monmouth 

1973 University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453

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Health East Medical Alliance

Orthopedics | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Multi-Specialty Facility | Podiatry

Insurance Accepted: No-Fault | Workers Compensation | Private Insurance 

Location(s): Bronx | Brooklyn | Staten Island | Bergen | Hudson | Middlesex | Monmouth 

1973 University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453

Brooklyn Personal Injury Accident Doctors

Looking for the best injury doctors near me in Brooklyn?

We brought to you a list of the top accident & pain management specialists in Brooklyn, NY.  All the doctors listed on this website are board-certified & have years of experience treating accident injuries. Our Brooklyn personal injury doctors accept most of the insurance including No-Fault.

Browse the list of top-rated accident doctors in Brooklyn & contact the nearest doctor from your location. Use the search & filter option to narrow down your search based on your injury, doctor’s specialty, insurance options, availability & many more.

Brooklyn Car Accident Doctors

Car accidents are very common in Brooklyn. Whether it’s a minor or major accident, you must see a car accident doctor who can carefully examine your visible or internal injuries. These types of primary care doctors are specialized in diagnosing & treating motor vehicle accident injuries & pain. AccidentDoctors911 has listed the best car injury doctors in Brooklyn.

If you have an accident due to an auto accident, you simply need to visit the doctors listing section of this website & find the right doctor using the search & filter option. We have created a great filtering feature that allows you to see the top-rated accident doctors near you.

Once you find the best doctor for your treatment, you can simply click the Doctor’s profile page & check all the details of the doctor including Office Location, Educational Background, Experience, Specialities, Insurance Accepted & much more.  Finally, you can fill out the Online Appointment Form or Call the doctor’s office directly to start the treatment.

EYE Doctor Brooklyn

Eye injuries are very common after an accident. Are you feeling pain in your eyes or have major eye issues after an accident? You must see a top-rated eye doctor in Brooklyn. Accidentdoctors911.com has a list of the best eye specialist in Brooklyn, NY.

We have a list of top pain management doctors specializing in treating eye-related injuries, eye pain, vision loss, and even pediatric eye treatment doctors in Brooklyn NY. Contact Brooklyn’s Eye doctor & start feeling better.

Foot Doctor (Podiatrists) in Brooklyn

Foot injury is the most common condition in any type of accident. Especially in a car accident, it’s very common to hurt your foot.  For any kind of foot injury, Our Podiatrists can help you feel better.

Brooklyn Emergency No-Fault Doctors

An emergency can happen to anyone, anytime after an accident. We understand that in that critical situation it’s very tough to find the right doctor who can treat you well.

The right doctor for you depends upon your medical condition. If you have a head injury, you need to consult a head injury specialist, if you have body pain you need to see a pain management specialist & so on… For any kind of critical illness, our Brooklyn emergency doctors are ready to help! Book an appointment & start feeling better

Head Injury Specialists in Brooklyn

Head Injuries Are Common After An Accident And Some Are More Severe Than Others. Our head injury specialists have years of experience treating pain & damage caused to the head & brain in a car crash. Read More about head injuries, diagnosis, treatment plans & recovery guidelines.

Neck Pain Specialist in Brooklyn

Accidents Can Cause a Variety of Different Problems With Your Neck, Including Herniated and Bulging Discs. Our Brooklyn neck injury specialists have already treated hundreds of patients. Neck pain & dislocation is quite common after auto accidents. An experienced neck pain specialist can find the root cause of the pain & help you feel better. Read More about these conditions & consult the best primary care accident doctor for your neck pain

Back Pain Doctor Brooklyn

Low back pain can make even sitting down difficult. Back pain is very common after a car accident, or slip & fall accidents. If back pain is not treated initially, it can cause serious injury & can be very painful. It can even cause permanent disability to any part of your body. If you are suffering from back pain, you must see an experienced back pain specialist for treatment. Our Brooklyn back pain doctors are enough experienced in treating any kind of back injury.    Read More To Find Out What You Can Do To Start Feeling Better.

Brooklyn Shoulder Pain Specialist

The Shoulder is a Complex Joint That Can Be Damaged In An Accident. Read More About Some Common Shoulder Injuries.

Knee Pain Specialist in Brooklyn

If you hurt your knee in an accident, you know how painful this can be. The knee is an important joint of your body & plays an important role in your daily lifestyle. A painful knee can make your life worse if it’s not treated on time. Our Brooklyn knee pain specialist (who has already treated a lot of patients) can quickly find the reason for the pain & suggest you the best treatment plan for your knee injury.   Read More about common knee injuries and how to start feeling better.

Hip Injury Doctors in Brooklyn

A Blunt Trauma To the Hip Can Cause a Painful Hip Injury. This Type of Injury Can Cause Difficulty With Walking, And May Sometimes Require Surgery. Read More to Learn About Hip Injury.

Brooklyn Arm Injury specialist

Injuries To The Wrist, Like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Can Make Your Hands and Fingers Feel Numb and Weak. Read More to Learn About This Common Accident Related Injury.

Ankle Injury Specialist Brooklyn

The Ankle Is a Powerful Joint that Allows Us to Stand, Walk and Run. When Injured Severely, However, Surgery May Be Necessary to Stabilize the Joint. Search the best Foot doctor in Brooklyn using the search & filter feature on the doctors listing page to see the best Brooklyn foot doctor near you. Learn more about an ankle injury

Psychiatrist Brooklyn

Feelings of Sadness and Despair Can Overwhelm Some Patients After An Accident. These Conditions Can Be Treated. Read more about how a mental health doctor (psychiatrist) can improve your lifestyle

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