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What Kind Of Doctor To See After A Car Accident?

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Accidents are unfortunate incidents in anyone’s life especially when it’s a car crash. It can cause you a heavy loss physically, economically & mentally. Personal injury & pain can be experienced after a car crash, hence you should see a specialized car accident doctor who is enough experienced to diagnose & treat the pain caused by internal injuries.

Life after an accident can be full of difficulties & tough times. You don’t only need to deal with insurance companies paying for car damage but dealing with medical issues is the most stressful task for anyone. In most cases, people are in a lot of pain after an auto accident and don’t know whom to call to get the medical help and professional advice they need.

As a solution to this kind of situation, we started Actidentdoctors911.com which is a service-oriented website that allows you to locate the top-rated accident doctors nearby NY & NJ. The services listed on this website are completely free, We never charge anything to our visitors for finding the nearby accident specialists.

Why You Should See an Accident Doctor?

There are hundreds of types of doctors & they are categorized by their specialties, for example, you visit an ENT specialist for problems in your ear, nose, or throat; You see a child specialist for the treatment of kids, same way if you had an accident, it’s highly recommended to see an Accident Doctor who is specialized & experienced in treating injuries & pain caused by an accident.

Primary Care After An Accident

Whether it’s a minor or major car accident, seeing a doctor is always a wise decision. An Injury physician who specializes in providing primary medical care immediately after an accident could be the best option for you. It helps you to prevent worsening the pain & diagnosis critical internal injuries that can be problematic after some time. Its always advised seeing a car accident doctor for any kind of personal injury or pain caused by a car crash.

Insurance Claim

As explained earlier in this post, After an accident you need to deal with insurance companies for car damage & your medical bills. For insurance claims, your accident attorney will ask for the detail of the accident & treatment records from a board-certified doctor. All the doctors on accidentdoctors911.com are renowned medical practitioners with years of experience. They know how to properly create the best documentation of your injuries for insurance claims. A well-documented medical report can help your lawyer to win the case & you can get the insurance cleared quickly & easily.

Expertise in Treating Accident Injuries

Accident Doctors who specialize in personal injury & pain management have already treated hundreds of car accident patients in the past. They are enough experienced in diagnosing the cause of the injury & know the most effective treatment plan. They have specialties that are required to deal with common auto crash injuries. The medical practitioners listed on this website assure that you will get the best care available.

Ease Of Billing

Our personal injury doctors accept almost all the insurance companies & bill directly to them so that you do not have to pay out of pocket for treatment. For an online appointment right after an auto accident, you don’t need any referral, you can simply select the doctor nearest to your location & fill out the appointment form. You’ll get the reply from the doctor’s clinic asap. In case of emergency, you can directly call the doctor on the number given on the doctor’s profile and discuss the billing options.

What Should I do right after an accident?

Right after a crash, it’s hard to tell if the injury is minor or severe. If you are conscious you should first call the police & let them decide if you need an ambulance or not. Never drive the car yourself instead call your friends/family or hire a cab. You can visit our website & check the doctor finder page to see the nearest available accident doctor from your location.

See A Doctor

Most of the time people find themself perfectly fine after a car accident. They don’t feel any severe pain and avoid visiting any doctor for checkups. This is where they make a big mistake. In many car crashes pain and injury can be felt after a few days or months & they keep worsening over time.

Some internal injuries (that are not visible initially) can be very dangerous & even can cause permanent disability. If you visit the doctor after a long gap, your chances are very low of getting an insurance claim for your medical bills. According to accident lawyers in NYC, you must get the documentation done by a certified personal injury doctor within 24 hours of the accident to make your case stronger.

Based on the initial checkups & tests, most likely your primary doctor will suggest you visit an injury specialist depending on the injury you have.

The Head, neck & spine are the most common parts of the body that gets affected after a car accident. Doctors who are specialized in treating these types of accident injuries will review your accident records & if needed they can ask you for further tests/diagnoses for a closer inspection of the affected body parts.

How to find a doctor after a car accident

On Accidentdoctors911.com you can easily locate the top-rated personal injury doctors near you

Follow these simple steps to find the best injury physician for medical treatment

listing of car accident specialists

STEP 1: Doctor Finder

Visit the Doctor Finder page

On this page, you’ll see the list of top-rated doctors nearest to your location. If you find any specialist suitable for your injury, just click the View Profile button

Doctor consultation form

Step 2: Quick Appointment

Submit an online appointment form. (see the attached pic)

accident-doctor filter tool

Step 3: Search & Filter

If you don’t see the right doctor for your injury type. Use the Search & Filter tool to view the list of exactly matching car accident doctors near you.

Doctor appointment

Step 4: Discussion

Communicate with the doctor over the phone call or by email. Discuss your medical condition, and insurance options & visit the doctor’s clinic after getting an appointment.

Accident Doctors 911 Logo

Step 5: Urgent Help

If you are still unable to find the right car accident doctor near you. Contact our help center (800) 747-1725

Specialists you may need to see after a Car Crash

Knee Pain specialists

If you hurt your knee in an accident, you know how painful this can be. The knee is an important joint of your body & plays an important role in your daily lifestyle. A painful knee can make your life worse if it’s not treated on time. Our Brooklyn pain specialist (who has already treated a lot of patients) can quickly find the reason for the pain & suggest you the best treatment plan for your knee injury.   Read More about common knee injuries and how to start feeling better.

Foot Specialists (Podiatrists)

Foot injury is the most common condition in any type of accident. Especially in a car accident, it’s very common to hurt your foot.  For any kind of foot injury, Our Podiatrists can help you feel better.

Head Injury Specialists

Head injuries are common after an accident and some are more severe than others. Our head injury specialists have years of experience treating pain & damage caused to the head & brain in a car crash. Our head injury specialists can examine your head injury, diagnose it, and design treatment plans & recovery guidelines for you.

Neck Pain Doctor

Accidents can cause a variety of different problems with your neck, including Herniated and Bulging Discs. Our neck injury specialists have already treated hundreds of patients. Neck pain & dislocation is quite common after auto accidents. An experienced neck pain management doctor can find the root cause of the pain & help you feel better. Read More about these conditions & consult the best primary care accident doctor for your neck pain.

Back Pain Accident Doctor

Low back pain can make even sitting down difficult. Back pain is very common after a car accident, or slip & fall accidents. If back pain is not treated initially, it can cause serious injury & can be very painful. It can even cause permanent disability to any part of your body. If you are suffering from back pain, you must see an experienced back pain specialist for the treatment. Our Brooklyn back pain doctors are enough experienced in treating any kind of back injury.    Read More To Find Out What You Can Do To Start Feeling Better.

Shoulder Pain Specialists

The Shoulder is a Complex Joint That Can Be Damaged In An Accident. Read More About Some Common Shoulder Injuries.

Hip Injury Specialists

A Blunt Trauma To the Hip Can Cause a Painful Hip Injury. This Type of Injury Can Cause Difficulty With Walking, And May Sometimes Require Surgery. Read More to Learn About Hip Injury.

Arm Injury Doctors

Arm injury is very common after an auto accident. In some major car crashes your arm can be badly injured & cause intense pain. Injuries to the wrist, like carpal tunnel syndrome, can make your hands and fingers feel numb and weak. You must see an experienced arm injury & pain management doctor after a car accident. Even if you don’t feel pain initially, it’s always a better idea to get yourself checked by a specialist. Read More about the common accident-related Injuries.

Ankle Injury Specialist

The Ankle Is a Powerful Joint that Allows Us to Stand, Walk and Run. When Injured Severely, However, Surgery May Be Necessary to Stabilize the Joint. Search the best Foot doctor in Brooklyn using the search & filter feature on the doctors listing page to see the best Brooklyn foot doctor near you. Learn more about an ankle injury

Mental Health Treatment

Feelings of Sadness and Despair Can Overwhelm Some Patients After An Accident. These Conditions Can Be Treated. Read more about how a mental health doctor can improve your lifestyle


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